Project – Elrow

Over the last 3 years, DNG Production & Event Crew Ltd has built a strong relationship with the Elrow Family, We have provided site & stage crew support on a number of their indoor & outdoor events around the UK, particularly on their primary event ElrowTown at the Olympic Park in London.

We have provided a consistent core team that have travelled throughout the country to work on those events, we have supplemented the stage crew with members of our stage crew teams in those areas. Our crew team really enjoy the culture, creativity and fluidity of the Elrow events.

In addition to providing core crew, we have also made sure we have a bi-lingual crew chief on our team, Elrow’s headquarters are based in Barcelona, many of the travelling Elrow production team are Spanish speakers, so making sure we have crew who can communicate in Spanish as been extremely helpful, so as a crew company we are doing what we can to reduce any language barrier that may lead to mis-communication on our jobs.

As this relationship has developed, Elrow Family now employ one of our crew members, who now works directly for Elrow and is going with them to Australia to work on one of their events. We are always strive to see our crew members progress and go on to develop their own careers.

Elrow events have a great combination of artists & performers, including the likes of Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and Laurent Garnier – as well creating such a great, overwhelming positive atmosphere at the shows and excellent production values making this unbeatable formula. Our production stage crew are involved at all levels, including the transportation of a giant mechanical camel through the crowd every hour for 8 hours! In addition, we prepare SFX cues, inflatables and assist other roaming performers. The show calls are full of action, it’s certainly hard work but the Elrow team always look after the welfare of our crew. Every effort is made to make sure the crew fully setup for each task, our team are always eager to work an Elrow event!

We have developed a great relationship with UK Production Manager Milo Reisz, who happily shared his thoughts:

We are looking forward to the next instalments in the Elrow journey!

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